ARS485 Signal Powered Serial Converter


ARS485 Signal Powered Serial Converter

The ARS485 converter takes advantage of RS485 on systems originally equipped with RS232. It transparently converts RS232 signals into RS485 signals.
The ARS485 lets you build an industrial grade, long distance communication system with standard PC hardware.
Circuitry in the ARS485 automatically senses the direction of data flow, dispensing with handshaking requirements in the network, and reducing the cabling requirements in an RS485 network to just two wires. Data transmission speeds of up to 115.2 Kbps are possible.

Key Features
  • Does not required an additional power supply
  • Small font factor
  • Cost effective 

Ordering Information
Model No. Description
ARS485 RS232/ RS485 Converter (Signal Powered)
- For up to 8 units of ACU200 at 500m max

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