ACW02M Wiegand / Barcode to RS485 Converter


ACW02M Wiegand / Barcode to RS485 Converter

The ACW02M is a dual function signal converter for the following:
  • Convert any Card Reader with Wiegand interface to RS485 interface
  • Convert any Barcode reader with RS232 interface to RS485 interface
ACW02M enables 3rd party Wiegand or Barcode readers to connect to ASIS Technologies access controllers via RS485.

Technical Specifications
Specifications* ACW02M
Description Wiegand/Barcode to RS485 Converter
Power Consumption 12VDC
Input Wiegand/ Barcode
Output RS485
Wiegand Supported Formats 26bit, 32bit, 34bit, 37bit, 40bit, 56bit, 58bit, 64bit, 80bit (4 digit PIN, Proxpro Compatible)
Barcode Formats Standard Mode — reads barcode numeric digits
Secure Mode—reads numeric digits with digital signature

Ordering Information
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ACW02M Wiegand/ Barcode to RS485 Converter

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