HR Database Integrator (HRDI)


HR Database Integrator (HRDI)

The HR Database Integrator (HRDI) module facilitates the synchronization of employee data in most human resource management system (HRMS) with the IBSS.web, so that any change in employee data made in the HRMS will be seamlessly registered to the IBSS.web database.

When employee data is received from the HRMS, the HRDI module automatically assigns predefined access rights to new employees according to  the company’s HR policy and/or removes the access rights of employees who have resigned.

The HRDI offers significant productivity improvements, allowing automation in managing employees’ movements and payroll administration. With this module, daily operations is simplified and made more efficient.

Key Features
  • Automatic synchronization to third party database
  • Automatic import of employee data to IBSS.web
  • Event data export from IBSS.web database
  • Summary and exception reports via email and SMS
  • Automatic mapping of employee to UAG and Security Area
  • Immediate removal of access rights for leaving employees
  • Multiple import & export data exchange profiles
  • 3 levels of error handling – Normal, Important, Critical, with configurable action and frequency

Technical Specifications
Specifications IBSSweb-HRD
Description IBSS.web HR Database Integrator
Supported IBSS.web IBSS.web Professional Edition & above * (Pre-requisite)
Supported Operating System Windows 10 (64bit) / Windows Server 2016 or above
Users Dependent on IBSS.web license
Import / Export Profile Unlimited
Polling Interval 1 hour (min.) / 30 days (max.)
Urgency Level for Exception Normal / Important / Critical
Exception Handling Action Save as file / Send via email / Send via SMS
Exception Report Frequency Once as day (summary) / Immediately
Data Import  
Field 15 (max.)
Data Mapping Security Area, Department, User Access Group (UAG)
UAG Mapping Max. 3 Parameters
Action Mapping Insert / Update Cardholder, Delete / Isolate Card Only, Replace Card, De-isolate card
Data Export  
Output Format TXT / INI / DAT / CSV
Source IBSS.web Table Event, Cardholder
Field 100 (max.)

Ordering Information
Model No. Description
IBSSweb-HRD IBSS.web HR Database Integrator

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